Saturday, May 2, 2015

Truth in advertising


I've been thinking a bit recently, about taking topics slightly more seriously - not that I don't take my rabid approach to free speech fairly seriously, but I have frequently made jokes about my slackness in research. I'm too lazy to bother most of the time. And most of the time it doesn't really matter for a number of reasons.

Like I have actually SEEN the research, I just can't be assed relocating it.

Or my opinion isn't worth a sack of shit anyway, so whatever.

But my readership is slowly climbing. And I feel like I might have to seriously consider bothering to have numbers to back up some of my more outrageous assertions. And, you know, check the dates on fucking news articles once in a while. Which is actually where todays soul search started, as someone I have a lot of respect for posted an article that was more than a year old without checking current facts - which don't stack up to it. I can't even be mad, because I do it all the time.

I'm going to try not to do things like that anymore. And for fucks sake people PULL ME UP IF YOU CATCH ME OUT. Be aware the majority of my readers stem from either Facebook or Twitter, if you've come from somewhere else, don't feel like a silent voice. I even remember to check Google+ occasionally.

This won't slow down production all that much, or at all really - I write on an utterly random schedule anyway, and what with being practically bedridden a lot of the time, research isn't exactly going to put me out. It won't slow my swearing down at all either, so pretty much fuck you if you thought it would *wink*.

Peace. Out.

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