Friday, May 15, 2015

Adorable MRA's and some HOPE for the future.

*Some swearing, a lot of mockery. Shorter than usual, because really these people are too funny to take seriously.

Men's Rights Activists. Aren't they cute? Isn't it just lovely that they're standing up for the long forgotten and hard persecuted rights of white middle-class men. The hardest done by of all the menfolk. NOBODY CARES WHAT THEY WANT. And they want it all. Because they used to have it all, and how dare we want our share? I mean really how dare we? The very idea that we might look at them lording their privilege and think, you know what I WANT ME SOME OF THAT. As if we have some GOD GIVEN RIGHT. Is that part of the problem? God given? I wonder, merely because the bible is chock full of that bullshit. And while there is literally NO WAY in which a legitimate to the location and times bible could have been written about WHITE men, isn't it funny how they've appropriated it? If the Witch floats, burn her. 

To be fair... it isn't just white men. But they tend to be the loudest, because they have so much more reason to be savagely douchebaggy about the whole thing. Wait, what? Savagely douchebaggy you say? Surely NO ONE has any reason to behave like a complete tool because mommy is trying to take their toys away? Unless they're 3 years old and don't understand the concept of equitable distribution... I'm just going to leave that hanging there.

Right now they have their frilly underwear in a twist about the new Mad Max film apparently. Because it DARES to a have female characters that aren't dependent on male superiority for their existence. The very idea. I'm beginning to suspect that these guys have no women in their lives. Which is understandable when you think about it, I mean I'd cross the street to avoid them. Though there is a part of me that appreciates them speaking up so clearly. So I know who not to fuck. Not to mention that really extreme douchebaggery just makes them look like fatheads.

Among the *brilliant* (for brilliant read facile) arguments I've read (not from Aaron Clarey, who appears to be the beginning of the whatever the fuck this is) was the ever popular 'Men are stronger than women so it's totally not realistic to show women beating the snot out of men'. You should probably tell that to the guy who jumped me late at night many many years ago. So what you're saying is that ALL men are stronger than ALL women? Because NO. Not to mention the other side of that coin where women TEND to be more agile and flexible. Men and women have different skill sets as a general rule. This doesn't actually mean that one is less able than the other, just that they will bring a different combination of awesome to the table. I've lost the use of one of my arms. I can still kick you in the face while you're standing behind me. Different skills. 

I'd love to tear the entire 'Mad Max is bad m'kay' argument to shreds but there's a problem with that. It's primarily 'feminism waah waah poor us, we don't want to give you any of our toys' BS so there is fuck all to actually pull apart. Seriously. Please go and read it. Everyone should go and read it, it's good for a laugh. 

Here's the primary offender. For funsies. I sure as hell wouldn't fuck him. 

For extra funsies I'll yank apart some of my favourite lines. 

"Nobody barks orders to Mad Max"

OH DO FUCK OFF. Do I need to come over and shout at you for a bit? You take orders from the person who's in charge. That's how it works. The person in charge is the person who's most capable in any given situation. Mad Max is a fucking head case. He's not suited to be in charge of opening a tin of beans. If you put him in charge, people die. He is very good at getting certain things done. Small objectives. He is a classic Fucking Bastard Sergeant. He is Sergeant Major Shut Up from It Ain't Half Hot Mum. He'll get the assignment done, every time. He may came back with a lot fewer men. Also the audience may get a laugh out of it.

"Fury Road was not going to be a movie made for men. It was going to be a feminist piece of propaganda posing as a guy flick."

Or it's an action movie that happens to centre around a female hero. OMG. Is your penis really so insecure that you can't cope with this concept? This descendant of Boadicea (probably, I AM British) has a thing or two to say about this. I've been a hero a few times. I've saved a couple of lives. I've been the one jumping in front of danger to protect others. My vagina didn't not spontaneously morph into a penis for the occasion. I did not have to tell myself to man up or grow some balls. Me and my girl parts leapt in and did just fine. Boobs and all. Heroism is not solely the territory of nutsacks. I'll tell you what fella, why don't you try Boxing Up Mate? You might learn something. Get some tits. 

Which drags me into another area.

I'm not a fan of all the terms for courage being man-centric. A friend threw the term "Box Up M8" at me the other day, and for ever more I shall be throwing it at anyone who throws any "Man Up" type term at me. Because cunts are pretty hardcore. 

Actually, while we're on the subject... Cunt is an interesting anomaly to me in the wildcard abuse zone. It's used in so many contexts. At once one of the most vilest pieces of abuse and at the same time sometimes used in a very different context. "He's a good cunt" I'm not even sure what the fuck that is meant to imply, but it mostly seems to be used in a fairly positive spin. "He's a hard cunt" again, a little shy of knowing what the fuck they want to convey but seems to be suggestive of someone being extra staunch. You might have noticed something here. They are both directed at men. I've never ever heard cunt used in a positive light towards a women. Which I find fascinating. As an amateur linguist I find all muddling of languages fascinating. It's one of those words I'd like to see us take back and turn into something positive. Like Slut. The kids are working on that one my daughter assures me. And it will be the kids who make the change. It always is. So kids, keep up the good work on being open-minded about ALL THE THINGS. I see great things for the future as long as you keep stomping on all the bigoted rubbish in the world. Keep caring about stuff kids. Save the Whales, like we haven't. Bring Peace. Like we didn't. Have equal rights, like we're kinda working on but some of us are total crap at. It is with joy that I look at polls segregated into age groups and see that you are so much BETTER than us at accepting equality. For everyone. Please for the love of everything that I hold dear. DON'T GROW OUT OF IT. 

With love, from the generation that tried and sorta failed a bit. At least we're trying. Take the baton and hold it high. I have faith in you. 

Peace. Out.

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  1. Hey, I'm a newcomer to your blog and I'm digging it - but your white on black thing is a touch eye-searing.