Monday, March 12, 2012

Wow. Just WOW. Really? Seriously? FUCK YOU.

This, THIS bill makes me sick to my stomach. (for those who can't be bothered reading the article, a bill presented in Wisconsin regarding classifying 'non marital parenthood' as a cause of child abuse. No I'm not kidding.)

Justify this you assholes. I DARE YOU to tell me that I’m doing a shit job of raising my daughter. That my decisions are different from the ones you might have made, doesn’t make them wrong. The evidence is right here. My daughter: open and outgoing, friendly, hardworking, considerate and compassionate. Willing to stand up for what she believes in. Planning for her future (medical school!), doing well in school. I have to shut up now, I could go on about how fantastic my kid is for ever. Much of what she is, is nothing to do with me. She’s naturally a decent person, she’s smart and inquisitive. But she has grown up in a household of mutual respect and care. She has grown into the young woman she now is because she is happy and allowed the freedom to explore her place in the world. She is encouraged to achieve and supported when she does less well than she hoped for. If you told her she was living in an abusive environment she would laugh at you. And be disgusted by your narrow mind. I’m not the perfect parent, who is? But she has everything she needs and more.

If I had stayed with her father, I firmly believe that her life would not be so happy. Because both her parents would be miserable. And living in a house full of despair is NO WAY TO GROW UP.

In the face of sheaves of information to the contrary, they raise the idea that homosexual couples can't raise a healthy child. Why the hell not? A child raised by a homosexual couple KNOWS they are loved, the hoops these couples have to jump through in the first place to have a kid. They will be raised by people sensitive to discrimination, because they've had to face so much themselves. A gay couple may not fit your narrow definition of normal, but your narrow mind doesn't fit my definition of a fit parent.

I have to concur with this article, where are they going with this? Are they going to try to remove children from these situations? That really would be child abuse, removing a child from a loving household to satisfy your bigotry. Do they want to outlaw divorce for parents with children? Just LOVING the idea of forcing unhappy families to stay together, that’s not at all unhealthy. /sarcasm. If my ex husband and I had been forced to stay together in order to keep my daughter the outcome would undoubtedly have been misery, serial adultery from both sides, and an environment full of hate and bitter recrimination. Sounds like child abuse to me. Are they going to forbid homosexual couples to adopt or seek surrogacy? I'd rather they dealt with all the people who actually are CRAP at parenting, before they worry about a problem that doesn't even exist.

If we’re going to bring beliefs into legislature how about this – I believe that raising a child in a house full of bias and bigotry is unhealthy, that a child should be raised with an open mind and allowed to form their own opinions. I believe that a child has a right to grow in a happy home filled with love and respect.

Peace. Out.

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