Friday, March 30, 2012

Cause and effect. Seriously the maths isn't hard.

** This is an old post cut from my old stomping ground on facebook. The link address at the beginning no longer works but the article is now quite elderly and I wouldn't want to bash anyone with a stick over attitudes they MAY now have outgrown. In summary, horrid Republican asshat suggests homesexuality is worse than terrorism. *INSERT WORLD'S LARGEST EYEROLL*.

So you're an intolerant dick. See attached.

Alright so, you're an intolerant dick in a position of relative authority. Even better. But have you REALLY thought about your position? Have you really considered the mind-numbing stupidity of touting your dark-age opinion so loudly? Where exactly do you think the terrorism you put in the backseat to the dreaded, dun-dun-dun, HOMOSEXUALITY (gasp) come from? Do you think these people got up one morning and thought 'hey I know, lets go and disrupt the lives of people we don’t know with acts of violence and terror'? NO.

These things start with INTOLERANCE. So, you know, by all means continue - because the concept of a fabulously dressed army of homosexuals blowing up poorly designed coffee shops and gunning down frumpily dressed right wing douchebags is not that unappealing to me. {Dear Army of the Gay, I am not advocating acts of hilarious violence, I am making an off-colour joke.}.

So while you're busy advocating a return to the burn-them-at-the-stake mentality of old. Think for just one moment about the other side of the coin. In your intolerance and injustice are you not, at least a little bit, saying that intolerance and injustice are OK? If it's OK for you to try force people to your will why, exactly, is it not OK for others to try to force you to theirs? Aren't you advocating exactly the kind of action that leads to that which you revile?

Please bother to research your intolerance better before you broadcast it to the world. Blaming the AIDS epidemic on the Gay population is patently stupid. The Gay population was hit harder in the beginning, but the vast majority of the problem has always been with thoughtless idiots who take no care for themselves or others in their choices. Those people are sadly in all walks of life. Do you have something else you'd like to spuriously blame on another minority group? I see you've already hit the Coloured folk with the 'lazy' stick. Maybe you'd like to blame the poor for cluttering up the streets of perfectly nice cities with their crap housing?

Honestly it's people like you who make this world a shitty place to live in. Before you start wailing on other peoples standards, maybe it's time you examined your own.

Peace. Out.

-I went on a brief odyssey (google search) of this woman, and it shocked me more than any other one human being has managed to. That this woman holds authority anywhere is appalling to me. No one with these kinds of attitudes should hold any kind of power. This way lies madness.

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