Friday, March 30, 2012

It’s not about labels dammit, it’s about having a good time

Another post from the old facebook files :)

I'm not sure I'm in enough of a frothing rage about anything. But it was pointed out that I haven't ranted for a bit and that is simply not good enough!

There is something that's been sort of nagging at me a bit. Mostly because at a low level it combines almost all my peeves. It's all about perception.

I can't say I HATE labels, I use them often enough I can't really be that against them. But I hate labels as a hate device. Let’s pick one entirely not at random "I hate gays"... Really? Know all of them do you? And they're all complete bastards? With no redeeming features at all I expect. Baby eaters too I imagine. "That woman is a cougar"... Really? Because she's over 35 and not afraid of showing she still has a sexual side? If your evidence for the use of the label isn't pretty conclusive how about you just shut up!

I don't actually give much of a crap what people think of me, but I'm a pretty good example of mislabelling. Perceptions of me vary wildly, often based on how much not-at-a-party contact a person has had with me. Because at parties I'm _quite_ silly, and a bit of a 'slapper' (not actually an accurate description! Tease is possibly closer to the truth, but I feel I'd have to be significantly more attractive for that to be true too :P). But the chances that I'll actually 'go home with you' (euphemism - I mean fuck your brains out, obviously) are slim to non-existent. Really. There are _MAYBE_ three exceptions to the NoWayJose rule. And yet still I am given various epithets more suited to someone who hasn't been celibate for I don't even want to think about how long. !@#$%^&* years. ON PURPOSE. Assumptions. The mother of all fuckups.

Well looky there, I've started frothing.

I was gonna start into what I actually am, but you know what? If you haven't figured it out on your own, I probably don't want you too. Also I'm in such a negative headspace about myself at the moment I probably wouldn't say anything very endearing. {on that note: How the FUCK is it possible for me to have a size 10 waist and still only see a fat chick in the mirror (and worse in every recent picture of me!)??? I am fully aware of my tree trunk legs - fuck genetics right in the ear - but the rest of me is theoretically not too bad at the moment. Bollocks.}

This actually started because I'm irritated by the 'age disparity' arguement. I really hate being told I shouldn't be with someone because they're too old/young for me. Well actually not me personally*. But you know, anyone. Ok a 30 year old dating a 14 year old is fairly dodgy (aquaintance of my daughter, I do not want to think about it). But between consenting adults who the hell cares? Isn't it more important that the people involved have compatible personailities? And who the hell are YOU to judge anyway? It also gives me the screaming, raging, FROTHING heebie jeebies that it's more acceptable for an older guy to be dating a younger woman than the other way around. Cougar Rights Now!!

At the moment I'm 'interested' in two guys. They're both younger than me. SO SUE ME. Well there's Gary Sinise, he's much older but also much more married, in the wrong country and doesn't know me from a bar of soap. Go figure. Age is not a deciding factor, though there is a certain aspect of being 'able to keep up with me' {wink}. Also it would be really convenient if I could kinda squish both of them into a single entity, keeping the best aspects of both and discarding the douchebag bits. Mind you the talents each of them has in combination... I'd probably burst a fuse. If either of them ever figures out my 'other' weakness I am TOAST.{/wink}

But really. I love you both. Not like that. Unless you give me the opportunity. {titter}{/titter}

As long as no one is getting hurt, what difference do any of those stupid details matter? Age, orientation, race, religion whatever... surely what matters is finding someone you can talk to. Someone you WANT to spend your time with. Someone who makes you feel good. Someone who makes you happy. Someone you can have hot monkey sex with for the rest of your days.

Peace. Out.

* see 'celibate', muthafucka

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