Wednesday, June 3, 2015

R E S P E C T find out what it means to me.

*disclaimer: which I stupidly failed to put in initially. I am not an expert, just a person who gives a damn. I'll get things wrong - I'll try not to, but I will.

I was determined to keep my huge mouth shut on this one. But I've already had to slap down far too many douchebags, so here I go - off the deep end. I'll keep this short.

Caitlyn Jenner - who yes, did used to be Bruce Jenner. But she isn't anymore. On the inside she was likely always Caitlyn, but life and the human body is not always a simple thing. And so on the outside she was Bruce Jenner for a long time. 

I don't really give a flying crap what your opinion of her change is. Hate her, think she's a freak, praise her, whatever floats your boat. But. If you have negative opinions, keep them to your fucking self. It's just manners. If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. 

Equally have some bloody respect for her as a person. If she wants you to call her by feminine terms, just bloody do it. It isn't going to kill you, and again IT'S JUST FUCKING MANNERS. I'm sure you do stuff I want to smack you in the head over, I'll restrain myself I promise. And if you happen to be grand high poobah of some church I literally give no fucks at all about I will still address you appropriately as the head of your church. I call policepersons Officer as well. 

I am completely over people thinking their opinions give them the right to be just downright RUDE to others. FUCK YOU. How do you like it? 

So here's some things:

1) NO we fucking shouldn't take the medals Bruce earned away from Caitlyn, they are technically the same person, she just had a dick when she won them. 

2) She is she. For as long as she wants you to address her as such. Suck it up princess.

3) I don't care what your opinion of what she currently looks like is - and likely she doesn't either. The only opinion she has to give a fuck about is hers - and she seems pretty happy with the outcome.

4) Seriously, go pay attention to the contents of your own pants and stop worrying about everyone else's. 

5) No one, and I mean NO ONE is going to undergo a gender change for MEDIA ATTENTION. Fuck off with your stupid ideas. I'm over the ridiculous suggestion that gender misalignment is just attention seeking, or a choice issue. For fucks sake, has it EVER occurred to you to cut your genitals off and swap them out for a different set? I mean beyond vaguely wondering what having a dick/boobs is like people who DON'T have gender misalignment aren't keen on invasive surgery and opening themselves to physical and emotional abuse for shits and giggles. Apply a little logic. 

OK I've had my yell. Return to your regularly scheduled program.

Peace. Out.


  1. "1) NO we fucking shouldn't take the medals Bruce earned away from Caitlyn, they are technically the same person, she just had a dick when she won them. "

    This is really cissexist. Ironic, on a post about transphobia. Genitalia does not gender make. Possibly you meant to say "she was a different gender when she won them," but you then continue to equate genitalia and gender, soooo...

    1. Suggesting that the two are not linked is also disingenuous. Gender and genitalia have a significant relationship, just not an absolute one. Not all people with dicks feel that they are men, nor not all people with vagina's feel that they are women, but most do. What they feel about themselves is really all that should matter (even if they feel genderless, hermaphrodite or bigendered). Knick picking doesn't advance conversation it just seeks to establish intellectual superiority.If you feel the need for that go and criticise amongst the bigots you will feel quickly very superior if that is your want.

    2. Hermaphroditism isn't a gender identity. It's a term that refers to an individual that has both male and female sex organs. You can't 'feel' hermaphrodite. And just so you know, the preferred term for humans with ambiguous genitalia is 'intersex.' Calling someone a hermaphrodite is generally considered offensive.

      Making these distinctions isn't 'nit-picking,' it's clarifying terminology so people aren't inadvertently dicks when they talk about these matters. I learned the difference between sex and gender, and people's preferred terms and pronouns, so that I wouldn't be an asshat and hurt people. That's not nit-picking at all. Nit-picking would be my mentioning your atrocious spelling.

      I'm honestly not sure where the rest of your comment is going.

  2. More that there is a difference between physical gender and actual gender identity. If the presence of male genitalia did not make you physically male then there would be less of an issue over gender reassignment - from both sides. Bruce was a man when he won his medals. Caitlyn is a woman now. But they are the same person and always we're. In the flippant respect I was conveying, the major difference to most is that she no longer LOOKS male. For all intents and purposes as I mention at the beginning her identity was probably always female. It was her body that needed to catch up.
    Any further reference to genitals is entirely in reference to the ridiculous of the suggestion that anyone would frivolously change outer gender. Gender reassignment is not for the faint hearted.

    1. There is no such thing as 'physical gender.' Gender is in the mind. Maybe you're getting it confused with assigned sex? Even wikipedia has an article on sex and gender distinction. You may want to read it, for a start.

      Once again, you're conflating gender with genitalia when you say "it was her body that needed to catch up." Some women don't look stereotypically female. Some women have penises. That doesn't mean their bodies 'need to catch up' to fit your idea of 'physical gender.'

      For someone who has just said that we shouldn't worry about the contents of other people's pants, you're creepily obsessed with bottom surgery.

    2. I'm prepared to accept that you would prefer I use the term Sex rather than physical gender. The jury is still out over the semantics there as the words gender and sex were used interchangably for a long time. I'm old.
      For someone who WANTS their "sex" to be in line with their gender identity there is OBVIOUSLY an issue of bringing the body into line with the mind. In this instance I am specifically refering to a single case, a case. Every reference I make here is specific to her situation. I am not trying to make a case for all.

    3. Caitlyn is very lucky that she could afford surgery. Not everyone can, which is part of why the 'bringing the body in line with the mind' narrative can be really harmful.