Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two sides of the same coin? Not this time.

I have been watching the American presidential campaign with what I can only describe as baited breath. Much of the world is watching this one. Why? The rest of the world doesn't generally give a damn who some other country might elect. But this time, a country that is well known for it's interfering and aggressive foreign policy has someone I can only describe as insane trying to take the top job.

Insane? That's a big word, surely I could have just called him a dickbag as I usually would and moved along. But no. This man strikes me as having something actually wrong with him.

I've watched news broadcasts, interviews, debates, campaign ads.... from both sides, and here's what I see.

On the one side you have this black guy who finally, for the love of god, managed to get the racist douchenozzles to shut up long enough for him to get elected. Who has strong family values - real ones, not that fake shit about gays making a mockery of marriage blah blah blah, all that 'teach your kids to hate' bullshit that makes me so angry - who looks at his country and asks 'how can I make things better for the most people' not 'how can I make things better for ME'. A guy who cares about freedom for all, not just the people he agrees with. A guy who cares that his wife and every other woman has the same freedoms he does. A guy who wants every kid to have a proper education, not just the ones who can afford it. Sure he has big dreams, but if he can make even some of it happen, he'll have done a good thing. He's already done away with Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which took balls since there are a lot of morons around who just don't get it that if you take away one mans freedom it lessens us ALL. He may not have done a completely awesome job in his first term - though I think that's very debatable, I think he's done quite well considering the obstacles in his path - but he has always shown strength of character and moral fibre that I can get behind. While I was hoping that Hillary might pip him to the post and run for president when they battled for the right, in many ways I'm glad he got his go. Lets face it Hillary was basically running the show when old Billy-Boy had the chair. I think she is more jaded than Barack, and it's nice to see a president with a some enthusiasm for his job.

The other guy though, he scares me quite a bit. He wants everyone to take a big step backwards. Except him. And his fellow uber-rich (but only by default, since the things that will make his existence even more plush and sweet, will by a happy accident make all those other harry-have-it-all's lives even sweeter too). He wants women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. He wants the poor to just go away. He wants homosexuals to be second-class citizens. He wants them out of the military AND he wants more wars. He wants to take rights away from considerably more than half the population of America. It beggars belief that there is even a chance that this guy might be elected. How can someone be taking your rights away and you still want to vote for him? WAKE UP PEOPLE. He comes across as an arrogant, heartless, ignorant, greedy man. He pretends to a religious faith that he does not adhere to, except the bits that suit him. And he seems to be just a bit insane. Mere inches from rabid frothing sometimes.

OK, maybe it's because 98% of what he spouts makes me want to throw up, but he seriously to me seems like he is either insane or hasn't thought through his choices very far.

This is the difference: Every time I hear Barack Obama speak, I can hear a subtext of 'I have really thought about this, and how it will affect people', 'I have really considered the options and believe this is the best course'. Every time I hear Mitt Romney speak, all I can hear is more self absorbed and thoughtless plotting. Obama is a person I can imagine being friends with. Romney is someone I would avoid on the street.

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